Sunday School

Why Sunday School?

Many people wonder how to find a way to get to know people and build friendships in a church the size of Grace Chapel. One answer is found in Sunday school.
It is our desire to provide a class that will meet your needs and minister to you in a very practical and life changing way.
We invite you to check out the various choices for this quarter and see which one best suits you. If Sunday mornings don’t work for you, then visit our GRACE GROUPS page on this site.
With Praise,
Grace Chapel Staff

Our Classes

Class consists of individuals in their 20’s and 30’s. Class typically views a short 15-20 minute video from a study series, then group discussion for 30 min. Study sessions typically focus on life applicable topics through the lens of scripture and what God has for us on a weekly basis. Facilitated by Jason & Emily Pannell and begins after the 9:00am service.
Class consists of individuals in their early 50’s to late 70’s. The dynamic of the class is mostly singles, divorced, or widowed individuals. Currently, the class is going through a curriculum to learn “why we study God’s word.” Visitation Pastor Royce Baker facilitates this class.
Class consists of individuals in their late 30’s to 50’s. This class is facilitated by Larry Fraley.
Stan Mann leads this study which will answers questions about the nature of heaven, the kinds of bodies we will have, why heaven will not be boring, why infants will go to heaven, and much more.
Class consists of individuals in their 60’s and up. In this Sunday School, people join together that are hungry for the Word and they learn more together in a close-knit community. They believe that the relationships they build are not just limited to the classroom, for they often plan trips and activities throughout the week. John Barker facilitates this class.
Class consists of senior saints. They work through major Epistles in an open-forum environment that is designed to encourage all in attendance to grow deeper in their walks with Christ. Facilitated by James Estes.
Tim Boyte leads this class that focuses on topics such as creation, world news, etc. Begins after the 9:00am service.